The Foundation

plato and aristotle

  1.   God is alive and in control. We are made righteous by our faith in Jesus Christ whom is God incarnate. 
  2. There is no God, we are simply the result of time plus matter plus chance.

It seems this is the debate of our time.

Plato (on the left) thought the answer to man’s questions rests in the identity of Our Creator.

Aristotle (on the right) believed that the answers are in the world around us, not in understanding what we cannot see.

What began in Greece over 2,000 years ago is still being discussed today. 

Aristotle, however, admitted that everything must be traced back to an infinite source. Physics has proved the necessity of an infinite source to produce the finite. You may trace the cause of the universe to a singularity (the Big Bang, or “this happened and created this”) but then you must ask yourself, “What was before THAT?” There MUST be a beginning of ALL.

John 1 says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word WAS God.” The Word is identified as Jesus Christ, who is the Incarnate Word of God.

Science STILL attempts to say, “well we can trace the beginning of the universe to this period”, but admits that they do not have an answer for the beginning of EVERYTHING as we know it. The only PLAUSIBLE and LOGICAL answer is that there is an infinite, sovereign source from which everything flows. I ask you today to consider this. Science will not unlock all the mysteries of the universe because it fails to address a fundamental problem- “What was in the beginning?

Blessings to you.



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