The Problem with Religion


Karl Marx once said, “Philosophers hitherto have only discussed ideas of the world. The point is to change it.

How do we make a lasting impact on the world? Can one really believe that he/she can truly make a difference?

I currently attend a Catholic University where I am studying Philosophy and Religion. Now, to some the word “Catholic” implies a variety of meanings: priestly, immoral, devout, disciplined, historical [insert meaning here]. Lately, however, this word has taken on a different concept for me: religion. I’ve heard religion described as “man’s attempt to reach God”, which is a fair description. The apostle Paul described religion as “dung” (Philippians 3:8) and I think ultimately I agree with him. Many people hear the word religion and automatically associate it with wrong-doing, and I no longer blame them for it! Many injustices have been done in the name of religion. Religion is not intended to be the salvation for mankind, but rather a means of service. God did not come to earth for mankind to serve him in the spirit of religion, but instead he came that we may serve him in love as he is motivated by love to serve us.

We make an impact on the world but demonstrating the love of God to others. When we are motivated by love only then do we find fulfillment in serving others. As Jesus echoed from Hosea, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice” (Hosea 6:6). The problem with religion is that it is puffed-up, self-seeking, and overall just NOT FUN. Everyone will tell you that following a set of “yes’s and no’s” is laborious and boring. The beauty of the Gospel is not that it is the “sorta good news”! The beauty of the Gospel is that it is the GOOD NEWS! The greatest news to mankind that has ever been professed! Why do so many not believe that?

In other news, I’m finding it overwhelming that most of my lectures hit on Darwinian evolution at some point… it gets exhausting being the only one who will take a stance on it in my classes (I boast not in myself, everything I am capable of doing is to the Lord’s credit). More on that to follow though…

So to end with a quote that sums up the general attitude of this post,

“People don’t want to hear the truth, only because it will shatter their illusions.” -Nietzsche

Blessings to you and your family!



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