Interview with a Catholic Priest


What’s the big deal?

I sat down with a Catholic Priest at my university to discuss ministry and the need for dialogue about basic social issues and what the Bible has to say about them- little did I know how important the dialogue was going to be in that moment.

The conversation took a drastic turn when this gentleman looked at me and said, “[Genesis can be interpreted many ways: allegorically, literally, metaphorically… The Catholic church sees no conflict between evolution and creation…God is the source of all things…]” I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Here is a man, charged with having authority over a church-body, telling me that it is ok for man to say that we are descendant from ape. I pointedly told the man, “No, Jesus said, ‘Haven’t you heard? God created them male and female’ God’s Word says that we were created in His image. Not in the image of man.” Many other issues were discussed as well, but I could see that reason was not going to take him to a place where he had revelation of what was being discussed.

I had some concerns going into this interview, but this was a definite confirmation. It astonishes me that we, as a Church, have deviated so far from the fundamental truth of God. A spiritual figure (chaplain) was wrong to tell me, “we cannot recognize you as a ministry because you are claiming to know what God says”. God has spoken in His Word. If we do not rely on the truth of such, we can only make ourselves the authority. In philosophy, there is a fallacy known as “a false appeal to authority”. It is illogical to make oneself the position of authority. I wish I had known going into the conversation that the Pope regards himself as the central authority on all matters. It is widely believed in the Catholic church that only the Pope knows what God is saying. Only the Pope is aware of what God is saying to the peoples of the earth. This is highly heretical. My hopes in writing this post is for those whom believe that to be true- please open your eyes. As Isaiah says in chapter 60- ARISE, JERUSALEM!

Why is there a need for an apologetics ministry? Well, I think you have just been given the answer.

Blessings to you and yours!



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