The Nature of Conformity


It may appear to represent one thing, but in truth it is the attachment one has to the things of this world. The world deals with systems, human and demonic-engineered beliefs and ideologies that display a false-representation of the regenerative and true kingdom of God. Those things come in many shapes, sizes, ideas, colors, blends of emotions, representations of reality; generally anything that sets itself up against the knowledge and Kingdom of God.

I do not know about you; I trust you at your word…but I certainly do not want to live in conformity to things that will pass away. Why would you cling to material things when you can have a mind that moves and flows eternally with the Nature of God?

Noam Chomsky, a professor at MIT, is known for his work in understanding the difference in animal vs. human communication He made a remarkable distinction. Although animals are capable of communication, their scale of communication is conceivably finite- they are unable to achieve an indefinite variety of communication. Humans, Chomsky notes, are able to express themselves through language in an indefinite manner!

Animals have a set pattern of communication:

low                                    high

Humans have an indefinite communicative ability through language, (such as a humans ability to construct sentences that have never been developed before):

The very colorful and slightly yellow african bush dog likes to use his specialized monocle to tinker and forge new gems of beauty for his collection.

Do not be conformed to a mode of being that others deem as necessary or as cool. Do not be conformed to what society tells you is ok and respectable. Do not be carried off by every gust of wind that blows, instead, be firm and stand strong during those gusts of wind. For even in a hurricane there is a calm and a peace. So too must we remain through the peace of Christ that rules in our hearts.

Remembering what the apostle Paul said:

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Romans 12:2)


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