In the Name of Christ!

Romans Persecuting
In the Name of Christ

Speaking in the name of Christ is something that can be misunderstood. It is not the call of religion, but of wisdom and love that compels man to speak most sincerely for the cause of Christ. It is not a delusion that compels man to speak in the name of Christ, but a desire to share the truth. Such a compelling nature is a good foundation for apologetics, being that the foundation of truth rests solely on the Person of Christ; The being of truth, the Word of the Ancient- God Almighty. This desire to speak on behalf of the truth is represented well in the story of Telemachus:

Telemachus was a monk who lived during the time of the Roman empire during the early 5th century. Upon arriving at Rome, beckoned there from his monastic life, he witnessed the depravity of the Roman pagan lifestyle- to include the Gladiatorial combat that took place in the Coliseum.

Upon witnessing the senseless bloodshed that took place in the Coliseum, he cried out, “IN THE NAME OF CHRIST, STOP THIS!” His voice echoed throughout the Coliseum and pin-drop silence followed his proclamation. He became a spectacle; running down into the arena-pit shouting in desperation “IN THE NAME OF CHRIST! STOP THIS!” After an interlude, one of the gladiator’s pushed him aside and rammed a spear into his chest, causing blood to gush from the man’s body.

As he crouched over, bleeding profusely, the whole Coliseum heard him say one last time, “In the name of Christ… stop this…”

Slowly, the people began to get up and walk out of the Coliseum… ashamed.

In our society, it can be difficult to stand-up for the truth.
The truth of that stance is often ridicule and mockery, even by those we may consider our friend.


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