On Poetry

Some of you may be wondering: why the flux of poetry that is being displayed? God has been really inspiring me to pen my thoughts to paper and then share it with others. I am a writer, but poetry is somewhat unfamiliar to me in many senses of the word. It is much more personal than I imagined, and I suppose that is one difficult part of displaying it for others to see. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the poems that (I’m nearly certain) are to come. Blessings to you.

“Nightly Requiem” by Lance Gracy

The Night grows late, but I cannot slumber;
Darkness draws near, so as to encumber

I trace your Patterns, again, across my mind
Seeking, Searching; Your face to find

Oh, Life’s cares; choking and entangling
Your Word! Your Word! Oh, how sanguine?

To rest, to rest, from this agonizing labor;
so sweet: morsels of Divine flavor

Glorious! Glorious! You are my God;
There is no pain you have yet to Trod!

As for these Imaginations; humble me small
My vanity, my vanity: All is All

Ever there to aid in my grief and sorrow
Ever there to console me:

Rest My child, rest; Be not anxious for tomorrow.


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