A Nightly Praise

I feel alone.
I feel forsaken by others.

My thoughts take comfort only in the memory of You. Will you surely restore to me the memories we have shared? Will you surely hasten to my aid: supplying me with the peace that penetrates deeply into the recesses of my soul? Will you assist me in my ignorance: to deepen the bowels of grace? I must believe this is so– for through suffering I know my hope can never be placed upon my own abilities. My breath, my single breath, comes from You. Restore to me the shattered dreams of yesterday. Reach Your Mighty Hand into circumstance of woe, and deliver me into your Abiding Love. Do not refuse me in increasing displeasure! Remember that You, O God, have made Me, the whole Universe: Your Creation! Do not forget Your Covenant, and move quickly in my desperate longing for Your Divine Intervention. Allow Your Supernatural Spirit to supplant my longing– my desire to be in Your Presence. Forgive me Gracious God, or help me in my iniquity. To you, King, I write a memoir. I pen a request; I pen a sonnet of sort to the lover of my soul. Guide my dreams, and let the reflection of my heart please You. Let me rest in Your Presence, and let me see Your face again. You I desire, and to You I write.


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