Daily Meditation

I can hardly comprehend the text.
Where is the fire that is supposed to swell within me?

I ponder you in my heart, but to no avail; is this the loneliness You suffered? I am left lacking, and in need of Your fulfillment. Must I continue seeking these devices to quench the longings of my soul? It seems vain philosophy is my pursuit, for, have I ever really sought You?
Known You?
Cared at all for the workmanship of Your hands?

O Lord, I am perplexed, and left to aimlessly search for that privacy of will where I am secure in You. Are these mere scribblings of a man gone mad, or am I to be obedient to Your commandments? I long for my bride, as I can only imagine You long for Yours. My God, how much You have suffered for love! Grant me the strength to do the same. Grant me the strength to glare deeply in Your Word; that Word by which others can forsake and yet I, even I, can in wondrous solidarity, be at peace. Quickly, I say, quickly reveal Yourself in ways not known to me. Grace me with a feeling that You are near. Rain your residual effects upon the lampposts of my tender affection for You. Be more than what You are to me, and be more.

O, for the love of God, be more.


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