Night Contemplation

As I sit, I wonder.
What will all eventually be?
Will You lift me high upon Your shoulders and out from the murky deep?
Do my groans of desperation reach Your Holy ears?

Why, but why must the struggle continue? Is it my wickedness? Or could it be my seemingly incomprehensible manner of thinking? This I know;

that it is only with You that I shall survive and have my being. Pour me a strong drink of Your serenity. Heal me, quickly. Reconcile, swiftly. Restore, O God, that life of blessedness I enjoyed. Do not remember the sins of my youth, but show me that exuberant treasure of Your love and tender mercy. Shower upon the intricacies of my heart Your divine nature. Cause my senses to be heightened, that I may not depart from Your glory. Be my everlasting, and strengthen me for the good work appointed to Your servant. I am but a slave who anxiously looks to the aid of his master. Before all of this however, who are you to me? A series of faulty assumptions? God forbid! You, O, but You most certainly are my breath of life. May I readily be quick to always remember you as the horn of my salvation. Be my God, and I shall be Your son.


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