Night Recapitulation

I dreamed of You and Your work.
Such wonder I held before You.

Today was marked by a mesmerizing jolt of blessedness. O, how my heart sang with joy! It sure was You that shined upon me; I wish such an occurrence were to happen often. There is so much life in You- so why do I lack this abundant life? What tyrannical mechanism has stepped in between You and I?;

Stop this foul tyrant, Lord of Hosts! Delay no longer! For, today is the day of Salvation!

Sing me Your lullaby and grant me a melodic chord to dream peaceably with You. May my days be sustained and full of Heavenly life; May the praise of a blessed earthly existence be ever on my lips- eager to exalt Your name.

As I glance at my canine companion, I know You are Maker. Such waggish workmanship You have ordained for my pleasure. O Lord, I bless Your name. Great are Your deeds, and greater still Your thoughts from mine. Now, Good Lord, let me sleep a sleep from Heaven. Guide me into Your Spirit and afford me the privilege of perception that I may know You more. Do not let me go. Cleave tightly to me and never, never let go.


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