“Goodbye Innocence”

little girl

             "Goodbye Innocence"
               by Lance Gracy

Goodbye innocence, hello grim reality;
Goodbye effortless, hello saintly totality.
Goodbye, goodbye
It was bliss while lasting.

Goodbye ease of soul, hello harrowing;
Goodbye earthly pleasures, hello longing.
Goodbye, goodbye
Now for such arduous belonging.

Farewell all you who rest in ignorance,
Farewell to your joyous sense;
For life may be a frightening fit,
A solemn existence, a prison, an unrelenting bit.

Goodbye O world, so long, farewell;
Goodbye, of your secrets I do tell.

Goodbye world, in you I do not belong;
Goodbye you mockers, play your lucre song.

Goodbye, goodbye,
For where shall I find my rest?

Goodbye, goodbye,
In Christ I find my best.



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