O Margaret, O Pearl

You are a lovely fire and burning wine.
I give my broken heart to thee.
You, praising Me; in a makeshift chapel
of heavenly fire, wind, and glory.
In the center of our home music plays from Pandora’s box.
With the key to your heart surrendered,
I get through the lock.

Light glowing from the amber woods candle;
I sing and say: Dona Nobis Pacem.
“My Lord, grant me your peace.
Take my fears and failures.
You may take my hopes and dreams.”

My Lord answers:

My peace I grant you.
I give it to you in the form of My tortured heart.
Joys into the bread,
Sorrow into wine.
You worship It – you worship Me
and My broken heart.

This pleases Me.
Talitha koum.

Come out from hiding child;
into My arms, surrender.
For faith greater than many high priests
has saved you.
Today in your loneliness I visit.
I see you in all your beauty.
O Margaret, O Pearl.

I love you.
Your passion envisions My sacredness
and Mine alone.
Transcend the earth with Me
into heavenly realms.
In spiritual poverty I call you
once again “Poverella,”
“My little poor one,”

and Mine alone.
O Margaret, O Pearl.

You dare fathom the wounds caused
by those darkest of sins?
They are thoughts mingled
with the pride of those most evil
of angelic beings. You have never known
its temptation to the edge,
yet you enter its pain for the sake
of others. For the sake of Me.
Will you suffer the consequences
of creation’s social catastrophes?
Why dare such stakes?
Why? You are already lovely as is;
no need to dare any further.
There is already one marred this far:
The woman of sorrows, My Maria, My mother.
Why dare such stakes?

Yet you choose such pains, pieta.
For My sake you take up these stakes.
But I say to you now: you are already lovely as is
to Me.
No need to dare any further.
You have allowed enough grains of time
to transform you from poverty into
My little pearl
of great price.

Pray for those in darkest places,
My bride of night woods.

O Margaret, O Pearl.
How I love you.

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