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O mind, take heart!

josemaria real
To whom ‘it’ concerns,

It is unfaithful.

It is unfaithful in an immature mind, and it is unfaithful in a mind puffed-up with knowledge. In either respect, it is unfaithful to love. In either respect, it is unfaithful to that very thing it seeks to preserve: the Truth. By merely reviling the philosophies and states of mind of the heretic, it allows many to fall into mediocrity. By clutching the malleus to rail against the sins of the mind, it allows for sins of the heart.

It is the mind without the heart! O mind, take heart!

O mind, you are a most gifted faculty; in you is known the gift of knowledge and wisdom. But great, gifted mind, you must know that life eternal is not in you alone! You know this, for you are the mind who conceives this! So now, take heart! Take thought of the heart needed to complete you! Take heart, and thus the love the heart gives! You know my words, great mind! You know condemnation does not belong to the mind who believes in the Truth, and to believe in the Truth is not work for the mind alone: to believe in the Truth is the work of passion also, and the work of passion is work of the heart! Mind, mind! Take the heart, take its love! Be not deceived; with the devilish muses, succubi, flee! Fight them. Fight these muses of the past, these wretched conspirators, who forsake love! They forsake you, dear mind!

Listen intently here: Saint Paul is right to state “knowledge puffs up,” and “love edifies.” Saint Josemaria Escriva is right to identify a feature of the puffed-up mind as “self-satisfied air” whose character of testimony is “an unbearable and repulsive character” to others. Without the edification of the fullness of love working through the gifts of knowledge and wisdom in the mind, the character of the mind is an embarrassment and a shame to the dignity and nobility of it; so start anew! Be renewed in yourself through the kindle of fire the heart gives! Dear mind, resume your pensiveness, but now take the fiery love of the heart as you go!

It is now past: unfaithful, half-hearted codices of the dead; it is now past, mind without heart!

Thoughtfully and lovingly,
The Whole Person