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New Poetry: Mystic Sand

Nothing seems so grand,
but knowing me does–
splashing in the mystic sand,
that’s what I do.
I pick up a wet stone,
the only stone upon the mystic sand–
it speaks: you’re alone,
and that’s what I believe too.
The clouds gather round,
all is grey, dark, cosmic lightning pounds;
I see red sand under these charcoal skies,
with tides retreating, asking “Why:
The storm pressures, even prys,”
I’m trying to remember.

And then, far upon the mystic sand,
I see essence, Eternal Land,
that my every dreaming hope remembers.


Two Poems

“A Woman’s Heart”
by L.H. Gracy

We move together, and I love your
venerable countenance.
Shining a breath, passing, yet never
will I forget.–

The glowing austere of holiness, or,
the way my mind was lit

aflame: sudden bursts of transcendence,
angel light, nether worlds–destroyed

shattered in Beauty’s eminence. Love

now restored.

All speculation will not slay this

that is,
the glory underneath,
the Greater than the Sun.

A woman’s heart shews forth, and
dispels deceptive will.

A partial, yet complete act
of God’s aesthetic fill.

“Memories that Wander”
by L.H. Gracy

Recalling a melodious pitch,
or forms of movement, thus
Swarms of creatures the mind adventures,
the swooning of the thrush

And while I beckon hitherto,
ineffable thoughts I ponder:
the motive of a person’s word of deed
when that one says, what’s wrong dear?

Further, have I not known
the brilliance of mind on earth–
the one that makes me move in glory,
and relinquish undue search?

If not, will I declare
I must continue onward
And love that which is from above–
those objects and things we ponder.

Memories that wander
stay of place in some sweet nexus
A taste of pondering eminence
a taste of Nature’s Sexes
And while I sit, I wait 
for Heaven’s inspiration
to be greater than the vile amorous
to rejoice in my long sation.

Memories that wander
stay of place in some sweet nexus.

“An Ode to Repose”

An Ode to Repose
by Lance Gracy

How must I form my thoughts to Thee?
My Lord; a groan, an earnest plea?
Soul vexed; bones of ache;
to rend mine heart, to weep, to break

Of the Cross: I know of no greater hope
to know you bled, scorned, so to mourn: I cope.
Oh Render Aid, Most High Prince of Peace
In You I dwell; so as to ne’er lease

Mine heart of hearts; God, my soul asunder!
For Grace abounds, even in mine horrific plunder!
Who have I? but You, My Lord!
Strengthen our Bond, examine the cord

How must I form my thoughts to Thee?
Alas, there is Your Rod; to part the Sea
A moment, a chance, ah yes: a vision of clarity
Your voice softly whispers, “Verily, Verily”

“I shall not forsake thee; you, my child,
Come to me, hasten! do not idle!”

“Here I am Lord, send me!
Oh my Lord! I groan! I plea!
You, dearest Savior, have not forsaken thee!
Everlasting! Everlasting! I shall be with Thee!”

So, how shall I form my thoughts to Thee?
My God, you know, you know all that they are to be.

The Meaning of the Cross

My Jesus
Behold the Man!

When I have no more,
you are there

When I trust no more,
you are there

When I have lost hope,
you are there

When I shout in agony,
you are there

When I doubt Your Goodness,
you are there

When I shake my fist,
you are there

When I shout in agony,
you are there

When I curse Your name,
you are there

When I mock you,
you are there

When I crucify you again, and again..
you are there

When I plead for mercy,
You were there

Behold the Cross,
You were there

The Ties that Bind

“The Ties that Bind” by Lance Gracy

The ties that bind my soul to Thee,
are made of strong flax and harvest seed
By which life cometh in brilliant display,
as such my mouth knows not what to say

The eternality of time; spiraling upward,
brought by Your Word; double-edged sword
My mind liberated; heart consecrated;
My Giver of medicine: sweetly sedated

Oh the ties that bind my soul to Thee,
My recompense for believing who I am to be
For ‘to be or not to be’ is certainly a question,
Why would we not trust the Lamb for clear direction?

Consensual feelings, my Lord, doth make my heart glad,
But to know You suffered, alone, a nomad:
At once satisfies my soul; to know we are alike,
Yet causes much grief; wounds caused by pike

The ties that bind my soul to Thee!
Your Spirit engulfs, and swells within me
You are my love, the Holder of the Key,
Oh the ties that bind my soul to Thee!

Consecration of the Mind

Consecration of the Mind

by Lance Gracy

My wandering, what purpose does it serve?
I desire that fervor;

That eternal flame that cannot be quenched, unless,

Unless I behold your Glory!
But what then, most Holy of Holies?

Will my spirit be quenched in seeing the passing of heavenly forms?
Alas, no, even as the cold make lesser the warm,

I must lodge with you in Paradise; high into the Heavens as eagles soar
There, ah yes, there my spirit will be quenched evermore

So I devote my heart and mind to seeking both wisdom and folly:
Studying the depths of your Nature, with spirit, not carnally

Until I serve as your acolyte in the Paradise, everlasting…more. Amen.

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King Eternal

King Eternal”
by Lance Gracy

Hail, the Mighty King!
Whose immortality causes thee to sing!
Wise God: honorable and glorious;
The Heavens declare the Nature of the Marvelous

Ancient God;
The Original One;
Lodged into the minds of Men:
The Blessed Son

Equalizer; convicting hearts of sin,
A simple poem,
a most dextrous Word;
and a song for Men to pen

Your Word have I written deep upon my heart
Your Word have I known, as for us to never part.

Near’r O God, my soul longs to be:
the Waters you calmed upon that raging Sea,
So be,
Our Gracious King
Whose love doth cause me to sing

Photo Credit: French Impressionist, Claude Monet