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Recent Abstract Submission: Animal Personhood and Theistic Animal Ethics

Encouragement to Affection (Prelude): Christian society is inundated with deceptive philosophy that seeks to undermine the brilliance of mind that God has given abundantly. Will you not take the time to analyze what interpretation you are residing upon?; that interpretation could be one of raising a heightened awareness of Truth; but rather not let it be upon an interpretation that is one of the natural brute beast’s perception that only distinguishes right from wrong: God forbid we believe the Truth is a game of right and wrong; God forbid we receive His Word without good conscience; God forbid we approach the Word with the kind of dumb assumptions that typify the zealot without wisdom, and not the wise man with zeal.

Let the Philosopher return to the Christian Church with vengeance,
and let him hammer for Truth.

May God damn the mindless Christianity of our age,
but may we love our brothers and sisters with the ferocity fit for the King.


Beasts possess personhood (fysikόs psychē i.e. natural soul). They possess a fleshly body of distinct animal kind, spirit that is breath (ruach), and soul of living form (Job 12:10;) the beastly-soul is identified as following: (1) not of the same human significance i.e. comparably diminished (2) of living form (mental perception, sensation, reasonableness, etc.) and (3) speculative immortality/mortality; but yet, they do not possess the (1) esteem of being created in the imago Dei i.e. the physical-actual imago Dei, nor do they possess (2) the ability of themselves to reason their soul through language in explicit human fashion, nor do they possess (3) the degree of moral awareness that homo sapiens do. In truth, the designations of body, soul, and spirit are given to the beast (fysikόs psychē), whereas humans occupy a necessary triunity with divisions amidst soul (i.e. the exceeding form-life of bestial form-life) and spirit (Heb. 4:12, Luke 10:27), and the absolute privilege of being made in the imago Dei. Nevertheless, triune personhood is not defined solely through the esteem of dominion, or the ability to reason soul through language as some do, nor the moral awareness of humans: triune personhood is defined upon the necessary triunity of being regardless of the degree to which the triunity is expressed or inoculated. Understanding the personhood of beasts is crucial to understand the exceedingly high personhood of man—when the animal kingdom is elevated, man’s dominion is elevated; when man’s dominion is elevated, then the immensely sacred person of man is elevated. The persuasion is that beasts do possess a triune nature, and consequently, ethics should be proposed for the benefit of both man and beast in society.

The beastly-flesh of land was formed from the dust of the earth; let us entertain that the beastly being was breathed on-in spirit; and soon the beast became a living soul i.e. the fysikόs psychē of living form comparable to a human’s living form. Do we have sufficient reason to believe that beasts were not fashioned this way?—with the only principled exception being that man was made in the image of God? What is the imago Dei and why does man get this role? I submit to you that it is not simply because man has a triune nature of which this role is attained, but rather that it is because of man’s physical image. Beasts can undoubtedly occupy a triune nature, however, they cannot occupy the imago Dei. In the sense that metaphoric principles are applied (i.e. “Lamb of God,” “Lion of the Tribe of Judah,” “’Living Beings,’” etc.), then we may entertain the idea and apply theoretical ideas to the image of God, but with regard to the True Reality of God’s image in actual human-bodily manifestation,  we are then wise to affirm that the “The Word [when] became flesh” is indicative of man-flesh, not beast-flesh (John 1:1). Contrary to the thought of many scholastic philosophers, the intellect of man is not the sole reflection of the imago Dei: the imago Dei is principally the physical appearance of the invisible God that manifests in human likeness of body. Yet further, given the exceeding wise nature of animal behavior (Prov. 30:24), we cannot be certain that animals do not possess some sense of natural intellection. Yet even further, we cannot be certain (inasmuch as we know now) that scientific achievement has shown that animals do possess intellect. Withstanding the aforementioned, the discussion of animal personhood remains a distinctly theological and philosophical undertaking—with the foremost emphasis upon the philosophy of analytics in scriptural writings.

Undoubtedly the Preacher holds the Word true when he declares, in view of this temporal life, that: “Humans have no advantage over the animal;” (Ecc. 3:19) and yet, why do we assume preeminence, instead of a proper understanding of dominion wherewith we govern through our language of reason, our moral fiber, and capable physical image whereby we may perceive the ethics of ourselves in the regeneration of Holy Spirit? What is the ethic? The ethic is Rational Compassion: a thought-ethic which seeks to conjoin Siddhartha’s compassion for all living beings, and Solomon’s profession of discerning time and judgment (Ecc. 8:5). Rational Compassion is the withholding of alternate consciousness for the benefit of All; Rational Compassion is promulgation of gentleness through limited assumption in wisdom from above for Love’s chief end; it is the necessary coupling of will and intellect through mind’s reason on behalf of the imago Dei. Rational Compassion is a High Order ethic, and while not a pragmatist’s approach, it is indeed a Higher Order of thought-ethic.


Interview with a Catholic Priest


What’s the big deal?

I sat down with a Catholic Priest at my university to discuss ministry and the need for dialogue about basic social issues and what the Bible has to say about them- little did I know how important the dialogue was going to be in that moment.

The conversation took a drastic turn when this gentleman looked at me and said, “[Genesis can be interpreted many ways: allegorically, literally, metaphorically… The Catholic church sees no conflict between evolution and creation…God is the source of all things…]” I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Here is a man, charged with having authority over a church-body, telling me that it is ok for man to say that we are descendant from ape. I pointedly told the man, “No, Jesus said, ‘Haven’t you heard? God created them male and female’ God’s Word says that we were created in His image. Not in the image of man.” Many other issues were discussed as well, but I could see that reason was not going to take him to a place where he had revelation of what was being discussed.

I had some concerns going into this interview, but this was a definite confirmation. It astonishes me that we, as a Church, have deviated so far from the fundamental truth of God. A spiritual figure (chaplain) was wrong to tell me, “we cannot recognize you as a ministry because you are claiming to know what God says”. God has spoken in His Word. If we do not rely on the truth of such, we can only make ourselves the authority. In philosophy, there is a fallacy known as “a false appeal to authority”. It is illogical to make oneself the position of authority. I wish I had known going into the conversation that the Pope regards himself as the central authority on all matters. It is widely believed in the Catholic church that only the Pope knows what God is saying. Only the Pope is aware of what God is saying to the peoples of the earth. This is highly heretical. My hopes in writing this post is for those whom believe that to be true- please open your eyes. As Isaiah says in chapter 60- ARISE, JERUSALEM!

Why is there a need for an apologetics ministry? Well, I think you have just been given the answer.

Blessings to you and yours!


Homosexuality is…


A young pastor once made the comment, “America is intolerant of intolerant people and will not tolerate it anymore!”

I believe this quote sums up America’s attitude towards homosexuality.

Pluralism is the conviction of a society that says religious, ethnic, political and racial groups should be able to thrive in a particular society. We are not a pluralistic society. We are a society that says, “No, you cannot tell me what is right because I believe truth is subjective.” By stating, “truth is subjective” you have yourself said truth is not truth; it is only an interpretation of truth. So what is the truth about homosexuality? Who is the real authority on the issue? It certainly is not an individual person speaking from their own limited knowledge- it must come from God. God is the authority on all things.

You have heard that it was said ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you anyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery against her in his heart.” Matthew 5:27-28

What we have failed to realize, is that pointing the finger at homosexuality while neglecting our own adultery (speaking to heterosexuals) means we ourselves are in the wrong. Sex outside of the sacred covenant of marriage, marriage between man and wife that is, is adulterous and directly defies God’s design.

Haven’t you read”, he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female‘ Matthew 19:4

You may look at God’s Word and easily conclude that sex is ONLY designed for man and woman within the marriage covenant. If you choose not to do that, then the natural revelation of a man’s reproductive organs and a woman’s reproductive organs fitting precisely each other’s should be evidential enough. Dr. Ravi Zacharias once said, “[We are a society who thinks only with their feelings and not with their mind].” We have grown comfortable in our estimate of what is right in our own eyes.

For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature;” Romans 1:26

The question is, will we truthfully acknowledge what God has already said?

Getting Started!


Welcome to my blog!

The purpose of this blog will be to present the truth.

No regrets.

No reservations.

The word erudite is defined as “having or showing great knowledge or learning.” This is precisely the method in which we will approach the truth. In a manner that is scholarlyobjective, and sincere. 

So to introduce myself…

I am a 24 year old male who recently retired from active duty in the Marine Corps. I am finishing my bachelor degree in Philosophy and Religion (dual major), and am the founder of an apologetics ministry at the University of the Incarnate Word. I am a proud husband and currently a father to a loyal German Shepherd named Dennis. I enjoy playing music, and enjoy learning. First and foremost I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am not here to compromise the validity of my faith, but rather desire to persuade others to see the world through the lens of faith in Jesus Christ.

Having said that…The introductions may persist throughout the course of this endeavor.

Now, let’s begin.